The Mighty Block Auction

Sunday night and it has been 3 hours since I disconnected from all Social Media sites, that is the annoying thing about living in WA, the time difference. I didn’t want to see the results from the mighty auction on The Block before watching it tonight, yes ladies & gentleman, my life is a little sad!

The claws were definitely still out between some of the contestants at the start of the show when the reserve prices were given and auction order selected, maybe someone should have given Sasha a valium and a stiff drink to calm her down a bit.

Will & Karlie were up first followed by Julia & Sasha, 3rd Dan & Carleen, then in 4th place Kim & Chris and 5th Andy & Ben. On to the auction and as always the beautiful Nicole Jacobs & fabulous Frank Valentic were amongst the action bidding on behalf of their clients. Now that’s the kind of job I would like, spend a cool 2 million of someone else’s money and receive a nice commission as well.

Quite easily my favorite highlights from tonight were how incredibly humble Kim & Chris were, they were genuinely thrilled with their profit and it was great to see them score a bit extra after their agent fired up the crowd. I also loved Ben & Andy’s reaction, always entertaining to watch and great to see them earn a nice paycheck each.

The negatives, well I have managed to refrain myself from voicing my opinions on Julia & Sasha’s ‘different’ behavior this season and again tonight I simply must stop myself and remember what my Mum taught me, if you can’t say anything nice then simple turn the internet off!

Karlie & Will, image courtesy of The Block

Well done to Karlie & Will on winning The Block 2016 and taking home a huge $815K for their efforts. Congratulations to all of the couples and thank you for giving us inspiration, ideas and keeping us entertained this season.

Hmmm, now what do I do on a Sunday night?