Social Media, addict or recreational user?

I have to admit, I’m still quite the little virgin when it comes to using Social Media sites. I have just joined the world of Instagram, Twitter & something called Tumblr around 2 weeks ago, yay me….. #feelingratherwithit ! and so far so good, I think!

I’m yet to give into the Facebook faze, I say faze as I’m one of those people that thought Facebook would be over and done with quicker than Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, clearly I was very wrong with both predictions and have no psychic ability what so ever.

I have learnt several things though in the last 2 weeks which I have been trying to casually mention in conversation with my “real life” friends that are regular social media addicts, sorry recreational users, of Facebook, (Mr Big & his mates find it quite amusing filling me in on my friends OTT Facebook antics)


  1. If you have had more than half a bottle of wine disconnect all electrical devices, turn off your wi fi & step away from the keyboard
  2. You are not anonymous, your profile picture thingy is seen by everyone
  3. A keyboard warrior is very different from a real warrior
  4. Social media is not therapy
  5. Changing your Facebook relationship status anymore than three times in a month will result in a permanent unstable label being added to your profile forever!


I am definitely your garden variety recreational user at the moment, this may however lead to a more dependent addiction after I have used for a longer period of time. I get the appeal of Social Media, when I receive a new follower or several new likes on my Tweet or Instapic I feel rather impressed with myself, like the cool kids of the wide web world have let me join their table for lunch or something, if I haven’t received new followers after posting I know it is just because the Instagram factory has closed for the day.

Happy Tweeting xxx

PMG – Pure Mama Guilt

One thing our little cherup, Ms Have’a’chat, has learnt already is the art of manipulation. Having recently pulled off her biggest “Mama Guilt Trip” moment to date I thought I’d share this experience with you in the hopes that you learn from my mistake and stand strong, not fold like a flimsy piece of origami as I did.
Miss Have’a’chat is celebrating a birthday in December, apparently turning 9 is a whole new level of Birthday expectations in the world of girls these days. I was hoping a simple trip to lunch and a play at the park with a few of her friends may tied her over until next year, you do remember I’m obsessed with house building at the moment right? Well, Miss Have’a’chat had other plans……… the conversation went something like this! 

Ms Have’a’chat – ” Mum I’ve been thinking for my party this year I would like to just invite a few of my closet girl friends.  What do you think?”
Ms Prez – ” Great idea. Can you pass that new Beacon Lighting catalog that’s next to you please?”
Ms Have’a’chat – ” I was on Google and have found the best party idea ever!”
Im thinking possibly high tea, a slumber party……………
Ms Have’a’chat – “see this”  handing me her Samsung Tablet “it’s a hot pink stretch Hummer”
Ms Prez – “im sorry, what?????????”
Ms Have’a’chat – “it’s so awesome, it has a karaoke machine, 6 TV’s, a smoke machine, laser light show, drinks and snacks plus it can fit 16 of us in, im thinking Hollywood theme, we can do hot pink gift bags, ooh and the cake can be pink with a black bow on top and…………………..

Meanwhile I am just staring at her with a look that resembles that of being hit in the chest by a flying bowling ball.
Ms Prez – “sweetheart, are you serious? A hummer, it’s $595 an hour!”
Clearly she is!

And then she drops it, the guilt trip.
Ms Have’a’chat – “it’s ok mum, probably best to not have a party this year anyway, I know how busy you are planning the house. I understand, maybe when the house is finished and you have some spare time again, we can spend a day together doing fun stuff, like before. Sorry, mummy, it was a silly idea. I love you” ………… oh she’s good at this!


Like alot of mums out there that suffers from PMG, Pure Mama Guilt, I instantly felt bad. She’s right, im a terrible mum, I have being dragging this poor child around to display homes, building meetings, tile shops and now I have ruined her birthday. Then it happens, I can hear the words come out of my mouth, “go ask Dad, if he says yes then it’s ok with me” knowing Mr Big will say “what did mum say?” knowing Ms Have’a’chat will say “Mum said yes, if it’s ok with you…..please Daddy” knowing Mr Big will say “sure”.
Ms Have’a’chat – “your the bestest parents ever, thank you soooooo much, best birthday ever!”
And just like that the dreaded PMG floats away like a distant memory.

Tomorrow’s to do list –
1. Book Hummer
2. Cancel our Internet services
3. Find a cake maker
4. Re read Parenting guide 101, chapter 4 – the consequences of being manipulated by a 8 year old

Once upon a time…….

It all started with the simple words, maybe it’s time to buy another house!……and so our search begins, dozens of home opens and online property searches and still no closer to finding our new dream home, we make the decision to build it!

Having never built before hubby, my Mr Big, gosh he will love this, and I decide to jump in head first, do our research and get going. We start looking at blocks, put together our wish / must have list and tour every known display village in the Perth metro area.

THE BLOCK – we put a deposit down on a fantastic piece of land in The Break at Secret Harbour. The block is 748sqm with a 22m frontage only 4 houses away from the beautiful Secret Harbour beach and we are on our way.

THE HOUSE – Unable to find the exact design we want we head to a Summit Homes display and meet our creative design guru, better known to most as Glenn Williams. Within a few days Glenn sends us a design for our new home and I fall in love, Mr Big simply asks How much does it cost? Thankfully the house is in our budget and after a few adjustments we end up with our soon to be new home.

We have a total of 383.95 sqm of living space including the alfresco and garage.

So my new obsession begins, never did I think I would be excited by the detail of the perfect cornice design or find myself discussing the placement of a spandrel, little lone know what a spandrel actually is! Little Miss Have’a’chat, our beautiful 8 year old daughter, has become my side kick on our Sunday afternoon ritual of display house visits looking for inspiration ideas and colours for our new house while Mr Big is away working hard to pay for it, bless him.


1. Single storey, yes I know, why would we only have one storey when we could take advantage of ocean views from a second storey you ask? Well its quite simple, Mr Big & I are lazy and are not fans of walking up and down stairs!

2. In no particular order, open plan living with a seperate area for Miss Have’a’chat & her friends, a large Master Suite, plenty of storage, stone benches through out, waterfall edges to the kitchen island, a scullery, over head cupboards, lots of natural light, high ceilings and spacious bathrooms.

3. I wanted a large dressing room that a Kardashian would be envious of, a deep soaking freestanding bath tub and a seperate area to do my hair & make up. Like most red blooded men Mr Big wanted a huge garage, a theatre room with a huge TV and a great sound system, a large alfresco and techy stuff that does really cool stuff! Miss Have’a’chat wanted pink walls, a four poster bed and a picture of boy band One Direction on her bedroom wall

I hope you enjoying following our journey.