Creating Art, your chance to win

Today I had the pleasure of spending the morning watching local Perth Artist Samantha Prentice of Mural Creations at work designing a beautiful piece for her latest collection, Mandala Beach.


Samantha’s work has been showcased throughout Perth and regional WA, she has even created an amazing sculpture piece for The Wiggles, which I am extremely jealous of, I have a little bit of a crush on the lovely Captain Feathersword……….. come on mum’s out there, I know I’m not alone on that one!

2016-11-19 04.37.43 1.jpg

I currently have two pieces of art by Mural Creations in my home and I want to give you the opportunity to own one for yourself as well. Today Samantha kindly gifted me a new piece from her latest collection that could be yours to keep.

Win this Mandala Beach collection piece by Mural Creations

For your chance to win this beautiful artwork all you need to do is head to my Instagram page , find the picture above and follow the prompts. The winner will be randomly choosen on Saturday 26th November at 1pm AEST*

Good luck.

* Conditions apply. Open to Australian residents only.



Getting it right the first time


When building a new house it can become so overwhelming and time consuming. Trying to visualise and design every aspect to come together perfectly seems almost impossible.
I have read so many build stories from people saying they wish they had planned better before starting the actual construction phase, things like double checking window size and placement.
Simple oversights on your plans can be extremely costly and not to mention annoying for years to come, imagine looking at that window over the kitchen sink that is off centered by 20cm for the next 10 years, even though your visitors probably wouldn’t even notice I guarantee every time you look at it you will !

Things to remember to check on your house plans
• window size
• window placement, are the windows centered in the rooms or exactly where you want them
• is your front door centered. I noticed on our first draft the front door was off centered.
• check which way your doors and shower screes open, will they hit anything?
• toilet placement – again this is one that I have noticed gets missed alot. Are your toilets centered or where you want them. In our powder room I have off centered our toilet to accommodate the hand basin.
• measure, check, re measure every room. As we are building a custom design house Glenn, our sales rep, walked me through and measured a display house to show me the exact size of each of our rooms. This was particularly helpful if like me you have no sense of size, originally I thought our dressing room was to small until Glenn measured the display homes master suite and said it was actually bigger than that, 4m x 3.6m.
• consider the placement of air conditioning unit, gas meter, downpipes, taps
• show friends and family your plans, especially those that have built before to get there opinion

A complete list of what not to forget is available on this great thread on the homeone forum. Definitely a must read for anyone considering building.

I have also found the domain site a great source for information and tips


Every Girl’s Dream


I have always had a love affair with shoes, my motto “the higher the better”, even my casual collection of Guess flip flops and Zanotti hi top sneakers have a wedge heel.
Like most girly girls I have dreamt of one day being the proud owner of a perfectly designed, ultimate dressing room to house my treasured possessions. Well ladies & gentleman that dream is about to come to life!
My Our dressing room, Mr Big will be given an appropriate allowance of space I promise, is a glorious 4m x 3.2m in size. We will be doing our own fit out after handover through Lifestyle Wardrobes


I have decided on a monochromatic colour palette of classic black & white, taking inspiration from the devine Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffanys. There will be a middle bench seat, a feature wall of striped black & white wall paper, a modern chandelier over the bench seat, an array of custom designed storage for shoes, handbags, jewelry, clothing etc etc with built in lighting.There will also be a designated makeup / hair station with in as well.


I am leaning towards having doors installed on the areas storing clothing especially hanging clothes, no matter what my best intentions are I know over time my love for grouping clothing by colour, length, style and type will fade and reality will kick in.

Your thoughts, would you suggest adding doors?
What would you include in your dressing room?

Our Vision

I guess I would class my design style as modern minimalist. I like clean lines, monochromatic tones of whites, greys & blacks, and loathe clutter. Whilst I appreciate everyones individual taste, personally I’m not a fan of the shabby chic or farmhouse country look and my only love of anything old or antique is my collection of vintage designer handbags.
The Vision for our new home is to create a light, bright space with clean lines and lots of natural light. We will keep the palette neutral with tones of white & grey and add splashes of colour through art and accessories. How hard can it be?????


I signed up to the Homeone forum when we first started looking at blocks of land and can honestly say it has been my greatest source of information so far on what to expect when going through the rollercoaster ride of building. This online group of wonderful, equally obsessed people have not only armed me with valuable knowledge but their ideas, suggestions and design tips have helped shape the vision for our new home, may I add these great suggestions have also cost Mr Big a small fortune!
I have also replaced my love of online shoe shopping with scrolling through Houzz & Pintrest looking for inspiring looks.

Colour Palette
Sitting down at the local café armed with my colour charts of stone, laminate and paint colour selections and a cup coffee I calmly unfold the giant sheet of colour choices and stare in disbelief, I had no idea how many shades of white actually existed in this world. This is crazy, how the hell do I decide what will look better, what if I get this wrong, our whole house will be a disaster if my choice of polar white cabinets instead of white silk cabinets clashes with the Frosty Carrina stone, which I’m now second guessing unsure if the veining is to subtle for the look I’m trying to achieve ……… I need to calm down before I end up in a shade of off white straight jacket. I start searching on Google and put together a selection of moodboards to better prepare me for this monumental task and remind myself to stop being a drama queen.

Luckily Mr Big & I have very similar taste and agree that our kitchen & scullery colours will be light stone tops (still undecided on exact colour, waiting for samples to arrive), Polar White in a silk finish for the cupboards and for the splash backs we love the look & flow of matching the benchtop & the splash back the same .



Once upon a time…….

It all started with the simple words, maybe it’s time to buy another house!……and so our search begins, dozens of home opens and online property searches and still no closer to finding our new dream home, we make the decision to build it!

Having never built before hubby, my Mr Big, gosh he will love this, and I decide to jump in head first, do our research and get going. We start looking at blocks, put together our wish / must have list and tour every known display village in the Perth metro area.

THE BLOCK – we put a deposit down on a fantastic piece of land in The Break at Secret Harbour. The block is 748sqm with a 22m frontage only 4 houses away from the beautiful Secret Harbour beach and we are on our way.

THE HOUSE – Unable to find the exact design we want we head to a Summit Homes display and meet our creative design guru, better known to most as Glenn Williams. Within a few days Glenn sends us a design for our new home and I fall in love, Mr Big simply asks How much does it cost? Thankfully the house is in our budget and after a few adjustments we end up with our soon to be new home.

We have a total of 383.95 sqm of living space including the alfresco and garage.

So my new obsession begins, never did I think I would be excited by the detail of the perfect cornice design or find myself discussing the placement of a spandrel, little lone know what a spandrel actually is! Little Miss Have’a’chat, our beautiful 8 year old daughter, has become my side kick on our Sunday afternoon ritual of display house visits looking for inspiration ideas and colours for our new house while Mr Big is away working hard to pay for it, bless him.


1. Single storey, yes I know, why would we only have one storey when we could take advantage of ocean views from a second storey you ask? Well its quite simple, Mr Big & I are lazy and are not fans of walking up and down stairs!

2. In no particular order, open plan living with a seperate area for Miss Have’a’chat & her friends, a large Master Suite, plenty of storage, stone benches through out, waterfall edges to the kitchen island, a scullery, over head cupboards, lots of natural light, high ceilings and spacious bathrooms.

3. I wanted a large dressing room that a Kardashian would be envious of, a deep soaking freestanding bath tub and a seperate area to do my hair & make up. Like most red blooded men Mr Big wanted a huge garage, a theatre room with a huge TV and a great sound system, a large alfresco and techy stuff that does really cool stuff! Miss Have’a’chat wanted pink walls, a four poster bed and a picture of boy band One Direction on her bedroom wall

I hope you enjoying following our journey.