The Clean Freak

I find it quite therapeutic to clean window tracks and, please don’t judge me, scrub grout lines with a toothbrush, don’t fret Mr Big I haven’t used your toothbrush for awhile! I get excited when I read about or see new cleaning products in the supermarket to try, I’m sure it is similiar to how an enthusiastic lover of cooking feels when finding a new recipe.


I recently tried a new range from Coles Supermarket that I wanted to share with you, it called Organic Choice, BTW I have no association with this company or Coles.


Not only does this range smell amazing, it looks stylish , is budget friendly and it actually works. They even have a beautiful selection of scented candles for only $15 each.


The products are made in Australia, are earth friendly, non toxic and not tested on animals. They also come in several different devine fragrances, Pomegranite & Grapefruit, Coconut & Lime and my personal fav Lemongrass & Cedarwood.

Till next time, happy cleaning  xxx