The Designer Replica

via Daily Prompt: Artificial

To fake or not to fake, that is the question?

We’ve all been there, faced with the ugly reality of staring a fake designer bag in the eye and pondering, hmmm I wonder would anyone know it’s a knock off?

The stiching on the bag looks perfect, the leather quality is good and the lining is almost identical to the real deal. You think to yourself “I could get away with this”.

Ok, I’ll admit it, I did what no true lover of the Divine Designer Label Elite should do, I brought a fake, an artificial long distant third cousin to the real deal. I justified my wicked purchase by telling myself “I’m in a foreign country, I’m assisting their economy, it’s what everyone does here, right?” I handed over the money, grabbed my new Handbag, now safely contained in a white plastic bag, put my head down and briskly walked back to my hotel.

That bag never saw the light of day again, it sat at the back of my wardrobe for more than a year, still in the white plastic bag, before ending up at the local rubbish tip. I knew the rules and I broke them, a moment of weakness, a lapse in judgment. Lesson Learnt!

But what are the rules when it comes to purchasing furniture? Is a replica piece still considered to be a cheap, artificial piece of crap? Do the same commandments of designer etiquette still apply, Thou shall not buy knock offs? Is a replica Barcelona Italian leather sofa from a reputable showroom considered a no no? I have no bloody idea!


The Replica – Friend or Foe

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