Retail Therapy – My Ultimate Addiction


Yes Marc Jacobs let’s……………. I love to shop. I love the rush of endorphins I get when I buy something fabulous. I love bringing home my new purchase and unwrapping it, staring at it, giving it a new pride of place in my wardrobe or home. The problem is that the rush wears off to quick and I need more, more, more!

I have an addiction to shopping!


I blame genetics for my problem, my Mum has it, her Mum had it and now it seems I have passed it on to my daughter, 8 year old Ms Have’a’chat.

I’m not ready to get help and like any addict I can always find an excuse to indulge in my weakness. My latest reason, we are building a house, it won’t furnish itself, I have no choice, I owe it to my family to buy beautiful pieces for our new home. Shop away Ms Prez, Shop away!!!!

My Shopping List





Pic 1 – I love the marble hall table, this will go on the entry wall in our Master Suite.

Pic 2 – beautiful art and lighting

Pic 3 – Ms Have’a’chat’s room

Pic 4 – Pool lounge

Art by John Martono

Coco & Creme Living

Go Lights

Beacon Lighting

The Block Shop

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