Getting it right the first time


When building a new house it can become so overwhelming and time consuming. Trying to visualise and design every aspect to come together perfectly seems almost impossible.
I have read so many build stories from people saying they wish they had planned better before starting the actual construction phase, things like double checking window size and placement.
Simple oversights on your plans can be extremely costly and not to mention annoying for years to come, imagine looking at that window over the kitchen sink that is off centered by 20cm for the next 10 years, even though your visitors probably wouldn’t even notice I guarantee every time you look at it you will !

Things to remember to check on your house plans
• window size
• window placement, are the windows centered in the rooms or exactly where you want them
• is your front door centered. I noticed on our first draft the front door was off centered.
• check which way your doors and shower screes open, will they hit anything?
• toilet placement – again this is one that I have noticed gets missed alot. Are your toilets centered or where you want them. In our powder room I have off centered our toilet to accommodate the hand basin.
• measure, check, re measure every room. As we are building a custom design house Glenn, our sales rep, walked me through and measured a display house to show me the exact size of each of our rooms. This was particularly helpful if like me you have no sense of size, originally I thought our dressing room was to small until Glenn measured the display homes master suite and said it was actually bigger than that, 4m x 3.6m.
• consider the placement of air conditioning unit, gas meter, downpipes, taps
• show friends and family your plans, especially those that have built before to get there opinion

A complete list of what not to forget is available on this great thread on the homeone forum. Definitely a must read for anyone considering building.

I have also found the domain site a great source for information and tips


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