2017 Interior Design Trends Forecast

With design trends constantly changing, it is certainly hard to keep up with the “in” thing. I’m a firm believer in following your own personal style in both fashion and interior design, let’s face it renovating your house every year to suit the forecasted trends would be impractical and ridiculously expensive. What was in last year, like waterfall edges to the kitchen island bench, will be deemed ‘so five minutes ago’ next year, to then make a come back in say 2020.

What’s in for 2017?
• Terracotta
• Cork
• Dark Green
• Upholstered bedheads
• Escapism
• Jewel tones

What’s out for 2017?
• Copper
• Marble
• Quote Artwork
• Fiddle leaf figs
• Open plan living
• Subway tiles

Read more at –


What’s trending in Kitchen Design –

Personally, I will be giving the whole Terracotta trend a big miss!

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