PMG – Pure Mama Guilt

One thing our little cherup, Ms Have’a’chat, has learnt already is the art of manipulation. Having recently pulled off her biggest “Mama Guilt Trip” moment to date I thought I’d share this experience with you in the hopes that you learn from my mistake and stand strong, not fold like a flimsy piece of origami as I did.
Miss Have’a’chat is celebrating a birthday in December, apparently turning 9 is a whole new level of Birthday expectations in the world of girls these days. I was hoping a simple trip to lunch and a play at the park with a few of her friends may tied her over until next year, you do remember I’m obsessed with house building at the moment right? Well, Miss Have’a’chat had other plans……… the conversation went something like this! 

Ms Have’a’chat – ” Mum I’ve been thinking for my party this year I would like to just invite a few of my closet girl friends.  What do you think?”
Ms Prez – ” Great idea. Can you pass that new Beacon Lighting catalog that’s next to you please?”
Ms Have’a’chat – ” I was on Google and have found the best party idea ever!”
Im thinking possibly high tea, a slumber party……………
Ms Have’a’chat – “see this”  handing me her Samsung Tablet “it’s a hot pink stretch Hummer”
Ms Prez – “im sorry, what?????????”
Ms Have’a’chat – “it’s so awesome, it has a karaoke machine, 6 TV’s, a smoke machine, laser light show, drinks and snacks plus it can fit 16 of us in, im thinking Hollywood theme, we can do hot pink gift bags, ooh and the cake can be pink with a black bow on top and…………………..

Meanwhile I am just staring at her with a look that resembles that of being hit in the chest by a flying bowling ball.
Ms Prez – “sweetheart, are you serious? A hummer, it’s $595 an hour!”
Clearly she is!

And then she drops it, the guilt trip.
Ms Have’a’chat – “it’s ok mum, probably best to not have a party this year anyway, I know how busy you are planning the house. I understand, maybe when the house is finished and you have some spare time again, we can spend a day together doing fun stuff, like before. Sorry, mummy, it was a silly idea. I love you” ………… oh she’s good at this!


Like alot of mums out there that suffers from PMG, Pure Mama Guilt, I instantly felt bad. She’s right, im a terrible mum, I have being dragging this poor child around to display homes, building meetings, tile shops and now I have ruined her birthday. Then it happens, I can hear the words come out of my mouth, “go ask Dad, if he says yes then it’s ok with me” knowing Mr Big will say “what did mum say?” knowing Ms Have’a’chat will say “Mum said yes, if it’s ok with you…..please Daddy” knowing Mr Big will say “sure”.
Ms Have’a’chat – “your the bestest parents ever, thank you soooooo much, best birthday ever!”
And just like that the dreaded PMG floats away like a distant memory.

Tomorrow’s to do list –
1. Book Hummer
2. Cancel our Internet services
3. Find a cake maker
4. Re read Parenting guide 101, chapter 4 – the consequences of being manipulated by a 8 year old

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