Our Vision

I guess I would class my design style as modern minimalist. I like clean lines, monochromatic tones of whites, greys & blacks, and loathe clutter. Whilst I appreciate everyones individual taste, personally I’m not a fan of the shabby chic or farmhouse country look and my only love of anything old or antique is my collection of vintage designer handbags.
The Vision for our new home is to create a light, bright space with clean lines and lots of natural light. We will keep the palette neutral with tones of white & grey and add splashes of colour through art and accessories. How hard can it be?????


I signed up to the Homeone forum http://forum.homeone.com.au/ when we first started looking at blocks of land and can honestly say it has been my greatest source of information so far on what to expect when going through the rollercoaster ride of building. This online group of wonderful, equally obsessed people have not only armed me with valuable knowledge but their ideas, suggestions and design tips have helped shape the vision for our new home, may I add these great suggestions have also cost Mr Big a small fortune!
I have also replaced my love of online shoe shopping with scrolling through Houzz & Pintrest looking for inspiring looks.

Colour Palette
Sitting down at the local café armed with my colour charts of stone, laminate and paint colour selections and a cup coffee I calmly unfold the giant sheet of colour choices and stare in disbelief, I had no idea how many shades of white actually existed in this world. This is crazy, how the hell do I decide what will look better, what if I get this wrong, our whole house will be a disaster if my choice of polar white cabinets instead of white silk cabinets clashes with the Frosty Carrina stone, which I’m now second guessing unsure if the veining is to subtle for the look I’m trying to achieve ……… I need to calm down before I end up in a shade of off white straight jacket. I start searching on Google and put together a selection of moodboards to better prepare me for this monumental task and remind myself to stop being a drama queen.

Luckily Mr Big & I have very similar taste and agree that our kitchen & scullery colours will be light stone tops (still undecided on exact colour, waiting for samples to arrive), Polar White in a silk finish for the cupboards and for the splash backs we love the look & flow of matching the benchtop & the splash back the same .



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